5 things that bring joy in isolation: Laurent Laporte

5 things that bring joy in isolation: Laurent Laporte

5 things that bring joy in isolation: Laurent Laporte

Laurent Laporte, the founder of the magazine Where Is The Cool. A magazine dedicated to all things cool - founded 10 years ago as a blog, then moved over to Instagram and now print. We asked Laurent about 5 things that bring him joy in his everyday isolation.  


As a big fan of Frank Ocean, I regularly check his new independent release of tracks. 6 months ago, a vinyl named "Dear April" appeared on this online shop. The vinyl just arrived, in April - what a pleasure to listen to something made to be listened in April, even more in this condition.


My dog Brownie in the canopy in my little garden. Marie and I adopted him one year ago and he makes us so happy.


My magazine Where Is The Cool - as most of my everyday work as a Photographer and Art Director of the Where Is The Cool studio was canceled due to these special conditions, I'm focusing on the next issue and I try to find options even if everything looks more difficult. From constraint you make stuff even greater, I'm sure about this. 


I love food and all kinds of food. But I think the food of St. John is my favorite. Now was the time to try it and my Le Creuset is such a good ally in these moments. 


I left the city center of Paris two years ago for a place not far but quieter from where I can work and be less exposed to this constant consumption. I don't care about "the last places" to go, so this isolation is not very different from my everyday routine.

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