We believe that the maintenance of any garments is core and a way of showing love for your garments. We do our very best to create beautiful, sustainable, and long-lasting products, but to get the most out of them and keep them as sustainable as possible they need to be cared for.
Keep clean, but don't wash to often
Taking care of your garments doesn’t take more time or effort - it will save you time. All it takes is a little know-how, so here we gathered a few tips to help maintain your garments and make the most out of your investment and keeping our planet in good shape.

Avoid unnecessary washing, wool is naturally odor and dirt-resistant. 

We recommend airing it outside instead or washing it carefully by either handwashing or machine washing using a cold, gentle knitwear cycle and wool-approved deterge. 

When drying, roll out excess water using a towel and dry flat on a rack away from heat.


It is difficult to give guidance on washing cotton as there are so many types of cotton fabric available and so many uses for it. To be safe you should always refer to the care label for your cotton item before washing. 

But wash generally at 30°C or below, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand. 

After washing give the garments a stretch to get them back into shape. 

Always air dry your cotton, and if possible, dry it out of the sun. 


Tencel should always be washed at a low temperature, max. 30°C, with wool wash detergent. 

As with any other garment, handwashing is the best and safest method, but if your washing machine has a wool wash cycle you may use that. If not, you can use the wash cycle for delicate.  

Do not use the machine dryer, as Tencel will break during this process.

Give it a bit of steam after washing to give back its softness.


We don’t recommend raw natural silk to be washed too often. Like wool, it is considered self-cleaning compared to smells. And we say it again, fresh air, and good ventilation, preferably in frosty weather, is usually plentiful! 

A washing machine and a dryer are a no-go. But, if necessary, we recommend either going to your local dry cleaner or hand washing it in cold water. 

Suiting & Tailoring

Spot cleaning and fresh air can keep your items in this category nice and clean for a long period without any need for washing. But after a little too wild wedding, a deeper cleaning can be necessary. 

We recommend not to hand or machine-wash the garments, as there will be an excessive risk of shrinking and deforming. Go to the nearest dry cleaner instead.