ANOTHER Jeans 3.0, Brown
ANOTHER Jeans 3.0, Brown
ANOTHER Jeans 3.0, Brown
ANOTHER Jeans 3.0, Brown

ANOTHER Jeans 3.0

1.600,00 kr

Building on the style of our Jeans 3.0, this is our corduroy version. This model is based on the classic 5-pocket jeans but is cut for a flared-leg fit from the knee down with metal trimmings. They've been made in Portugal from 100% Organic Cotton corduroy. 

Working from the idea of creating timeless elements in responsible materials with an aspiring universe around it, we believe in creating designs with longevity in both their character and quality, helping customers buy better and, hopefully, buy less.
We believe that we can nudge the clothing industry in the right direction by making it easier for the customer to make better and more sustainable choices by providing a superior product at a reasonable price point, challenging the current ways of our industry and educating customers in a positive way.
We want to prolong the life and wear of each single product that we put into the world. We take back our products at the end of their lifespan in exchange for a discount on your next purchase, allowing us to either reuse the material from the product or ensure that it is donated to an appropriate charity.