Inspired by our philosophy and collection “The Daily” that elevates simple everyday clothing into beautiful and sought after garments, Terpsichore, a ceramic artist from Athens, decided to use the form of humble plates and use them as a canvas. She painted on them scenes or items from the daily life that can make mundane moments special from a vase of flowers to a glass of wine- small things that especially during the lockdown helped bring us joy. Just the way that a simple shirt that is made from the best materials can make your day slightly better. The plates are all completely unique and handmade and no moulds were used so every single one has its own dimensions and character.

  • Handmade in Copenhagen
  • Measurements: 1 cm (H) x 21 cm (D)
  • Edition of one


We believe that the maintenance of any garments is core and a way of showing love for your garments. We do our very best to create beautiful, sustainable, and long-lasting products, but to get the most out of them and keep them as sustainable as possible they need to be cared for. Keep clean, but don’t wash too often. It’s natural to want to clean and neat for your garments, but please wear your shirt more than one day before you throw it into the washer. Often, garments don’t need a wash but simply a bit of fresh air, a brush, or some ironing will do the trick. The result of not washing your garment that often? Your favorite garment would last longer, save water, and be good for the environment. But there’s more to it than that, taking care of your garments doesn’t take more time or effort - it will save you time. All it takes is a little know-how, so here we gathered a few tips to help maintain your garments and making the most out of your investment and keeping our planet in good shape.